Parliamentary Debate

We will be striking for prelims and outrounds. There will be three resolutions of the same type to choose from.
Round 1: Fact
Round 2: Policy
Round 3: Metaphor
Round 4: Scenario
Round 5: Value
Round 6: Pop Culture
Semis: Fact.
Finals: A mix of types.

Will be single elimination.
For Parli: We will advance the top 4 teams to Semis and then Finals.

Debate competitors should bring their own time piece and plan to self-time.

Plan for Parli Prep
Parli resolutions will be read and struck in Mathena. Rounds will take place in Mathena and Riley. However, the two buildings are a few minutes-walk from each other, so students with competition rooms in Riley will need to planning accordingly. There will be no additional prep time added for competitors heading to Riley.

Registered Parliamentary Teams

Grace Alcazar - Gideon Dixon
Jaden Allen - Justice Aschmutat
Brayden Braun - Samuel Martinez
Parker Calhoun - Kaylee Hall
Michael Choi - Sam Parsons
Samuel Congdon - Hudson Kubiak
Daniel de Oliveira - Avery Harrington
Madeline DeLaCruz - Aleyah Jimenez
Alison Earnest - Adaley Kubiak
Jackson Earnest - Joshua Kubiak
Millie Friederichsen - Abby Wooddell
Jillian Heise - Evangeline Owens
Clara Helmstetler - Clementine Helmstetler
Brooke Henry - Nathan Quilici
Chloe Jones - Madison Tchilinguirian
Levi Magness - Charles Sloneker
Micah Magness - Noah Priestner
Gabrielle Marvin - Rachel Marvin
Aidan McKinnon - Elise McKinnon
Thomas McKinnon - Thomas Pate
Jude Morgan - Micah Morgan
Finley Neufeld - Charles Raith
Zoe Parker - Pete Silverthorne
Daniel Pate - Travis Varner
Andrew Putman - Michael Sneed
Avery Richardson - Christian Woolsey
Victoria Richardson - Micah Zappasodi
Savannah Roach - Daniel Six
Mark Roose - Joseph Xu
Aubrey Silverthorne - Isaiah Tallon
Joshua Spivey - Brad Tomasovic

Photo Credit: Ralph Lauer. All rights reserved.